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Are you interested in buying a car from Sweden?

As I understand it, many car dealers in Europe buy cars from car dealers in Sweden. But nothing from the private market in Sweden. In that market there is also more money for you to earn and many interesting cars.

I can help you to also be able to buy cars from the private market in Sweden.

Step by step:

As you find interesting cars all over Sweden on the private side. You then contact me with the car's advertisement and your price that you can offer for the car.

I contact the owner of the car and talk through everything and if we agree, we book an appointment for a viewing/deal.

Put a down payment myself in the meantime to ensure that the car is not sold until I am there.

You transfer the car's price amount to Carbon Cars which I use in the payment for the car.

If everything goes well with the inspection of the car and it is approved, I will pay the owner of the car. If it turns out that there are some defects on the car while I am inspecting the car I will contact you and we will agree on a new price with the owner or that we decline.

After the affair I will change owner to

Carbon Cars AB then I’ll transport it to Carbon Cars where it is locked up and safe. 

I will also Recondition the car and put it in storage until the transport comes for collection. If there are several cars that you bought, they will all be with us at Carbon Cars until you choose to book transport for collection.

Fixes all the papers that must be included in the car for you before the import.

Deregisters the car from Sweden when transport has picked up the car.

Finally when everything is finished, I will invoice you for the service/job by email.

Service price:

Service charge from 15 000 SEK per car.  

Please contact us for more information. 



Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!